Friday, September 18

New Survey!

My talented friend Bev passed me a survey ..
So - here it is.. hehe

1. How long have you been using PSP, PS?
I only use PSP - almost 3yrs

2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits?
I started out using Paint,that comes with your was boring after awhile.Then I saw all these awesome tags ppl were making,and Bev roping me into learning:P so one day decided to buy the PSP program and have been additced to it ever since lol

3. Who's your fave artist?

Keith Garvey
Jamie Kidd
Jennifer Janesko

4.Who`s your favourite Scrap Designer?

Oh wow...can't pick just one,love all kits!

5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday?

My own -- haha - and my Evil Pal, Bev, and Blissfullty Beth for some templates she so awesomely makes to share :)

I will now pass this Questionnaire on to:

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